Campus Life


Sushi Restaurant / Restaurants

There are 3 restaurants on the Kashiwa Campus: "Osakana-club HAMA", "Plaza Ikoi", and "Cafeteria". In lunch time, you can buy ethnic foods at a kitchen car that visits the Kashiwa Campus. On the west side of the Kashiwa Campus, you can find a large supermarket, popular cafe, udon/pasta/Japanese restaurants, takoyaki restaurant, sushi-go-round restaurant, and BBQ restaurant.

Osakana-club HAMA (Fish-club HAMA)

"Osakana-club HAMA" is a sushi restaurant. It is located on the 1st floor of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, two buildings away from the Bioscience Building. The popular Lunch-Don is served with fresh ingredients of the day. You can also order a selection of sushi, HAMA specials, and special sets. Appetizers and sushi can be delivered to conferences/meetings. 

Plaza Ikoi

At "Plaza Ikoi" just in front of the Bioscience Building, the Gram Deli offers a variety of food with different menu every day. They also have drink bar, bakery, and soft ice cream for takeaway. During lunch time and dinner time, you can order today's lunch or dishes including udon noodles, ramen noodles, and pork cutlet bowls. Meals can be paid by cash or Suica/PASMO. Catering is available. You can also hold a party at Plaza IKOI.


Cafeteria is located near the main gate of the Kashiwa Campus. For both lunch and dinner, they have 5-6 a la carte dishes and you can order a small bowl dish or salad. Menu includes Japanese, Western and Chinese. For the meals, you need to buy a prepaid card. Catering is available. You can also hold a party at Cafeteria.