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    • Can I stay at a student dormitory?

      The University of Tokyo has a few dorms. However, they are not very popular because each dorm is far away from the Kashiwa Campus. For more details, please see the housing information provided by the University of Tokyo. Currently, about half of the students rent apartments around the Kashiwa Campus. 
    • Where do students rent apartments usually?

      Many students rent apartments near the Kashiwa Campus, in the Kashiwanoha area (near the Kashiwanoha-campus Station and Kashiwanoha Park), in a traditional town around the Edogawadai Station, a residential area stretching from Kashiwa City to Nagareyama City, or the newly developing area around the Kashiwa-tanaka Station. From these areas, you can commute on foot or by bicycle. There are also students who live near the Kashiwa Station or Nagareyama-otakanomori Station and commute by train or bus.
    • Can I commute by car?

      Yes, as we have sufficient parking space at Kashiwa Campus.