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Kemigawa Guidance

About the Department of Integrated Biosciences Kemigawa Seminar (Enrollment Guidance)

At the Department of Integrated Biosciences, the Kemigawa Seminar (which comes in set with orientation for new students) is held overnight at the University of Tokyo Kemigawa Seminar House. There are two purposes for this Kemigawa Seminar. The first is to explain about the curriculum of the Department of Integrated Biosciences, the facilities of Kashiwa Campus, and the research life to help new students start their campus life comfortably and safely. We also invite senior students who have had success with their doctor/master thesis research and provide an opportunity to hear useful advice about the secrets to research life. The second purpose is to encourage making connections among the new students or between the faculty members and new students, through spending time together at this two-day camp. For these purposes, we organize sessions where students introduce themselves and also have a panel discussion where each student presents their goals at the Department of Integrated Biosciences, in order to get to know each other better.

There are various sports facilities next to the Seminar House, and a large part of the afternoon on the second day is dedicated to recreational activities so you can make friends through playing tennis, soccer, softball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc. Kemigawa Seminar, apart from its educational facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, is a curriculum unique to the Department of Integrated Biosciences that emphasizes on the bonds/connections between people.

Note that the Kemigawa Seminar is compulsory as it is a part of the "Research Project Planning" course.

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GSFS Welcome BBQ for New Students

In May every year, a welcome party (BBQ) is held for new students of the Graduated School of Frontier Sciences. Over 250 kg of beef will be prepared for the BBQ, and we also have a bingo game, etc. This party is held with the cooperation of organizations such as Kashiwa City Hall, Nagareyama City Hall, the Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Tokatsu Techno Plaza. We hope to make this a great opportunity for these new members of Kashiwa Campus to better understand the Tokatsu area, and wish the success of Kashiwa Campus to develop together with the local area.

Kashiwa Open Campus

In October every year, Kashiwa Campus including the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences will be open to the public. In the Bioscience Building where the Department of Integrated Biosciences is located, we have events such as introduction of the latest devices, introduction of our research, experiment section, medaka (small "rice-field" fish) scooping, cocoon art, and science cafe. 

GSFS Sports Festival

Students and faculty members from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences gather at Kashiwanoha Park Athletics Field. Followed by warm-up exercises, we enjoyed sports to compete on our techniques, strength and teamwork. 

GSFS New Year Rice Cake Making

On the first weekend of the new year, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences hosts the annual "Rice Cake Making Festival". Over 150 people which includes faculty members, students, international students, and their families gather for this event to celebrate the start of the year.

Another purpose of this event is to introduce traditional Japanese culture to the international students studying at Kashiwa Campus, and we play many new year activities such as kite-flying, spinning top, and Hagoita games. It is a peaceful day where we get to fully enjoy the start of the new year.

Degree Award Ceremony

The Degree Award Ceremony for masters and doctors of the Department of Integrated Biosciences is held. Following the opening speech by the Head of the Department of Integrated Biosciences, master/doctor degrees are awarded, then a speech is given by the Chair of the Division of Biosciences, and finally, prizes are awarded to the graduate students who achieved excellent scores with their doctor/master theses.