Campus Life

Environment and Facilities

Kashiwanoha Area

The Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo is in the Kashiwanoha (Kashiwa-no-ha) area in a north-west part of Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, JAPAN. While Tsukuba Express brings you to/from Tokyo within 30 minutes, there are Lalaport Kashiwanoha and Kashiwanoha T-SITE near the Kashiwanoha-campus Station as shopping centers that have a variety of shops and restaurants. Thanks to its convenience, green environment, and reasonable living cost, this area is known as one of the most livable cities around Tokyo, while you can enjoy the top-level research and educational environment at the University of Tokyo.

UTokyo Kashiwa Library

Kashiwa Library is located in front of the Bioscience Building. You can focus on deskwork in a clean, large, and quiet room and small booths. UTokyo Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) brings you books from any UTokyo libraries on other campuses. Terminals of UTokyo Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS) are on the first floor. Journals, newspapers, and DVDs/BDs are also available.

Co-op on Kashiwa Campus

On Kashiwa Campus, there are University of Tokyo Co-op Kashiwa branches, "Food shop & Café" and "Academic shop".

Food shop & Cafe

Located near the main gate of the Kashiwa Campus. You can buy food such as rice balls (onigiri), lunch boxes, snacks/sweets, drinks, cup noodles, etc. There is also a café where you can take a tea time break. You can buy UTokyo goods, which are best for souvenirs.

Academic shop

Located in front of the Transdisciplinary Science Building. Books, computer supplies and stationery are available here. This shop is small compared to the one on the Hongo Campus, but you can make orders (book orders can be made on the Internet). You will get a 10% discount for books if you show your co-op members card.

UTokyo Kashiwa Health Service Center

Located near the Bioscience Building to support the healthcare of students and staff members.

Kashiwa Donguri Nursery, UTokyo

Staff members and students who bring up babies and children can use an on-campus nursery.

Kashiwa Campus Neighbourhood Area

On the south side of the Kashiwa Campus, we have a large public park, Kashiwanoha Park. You can enjoy Ohanami in the cherry blossom season, roses in spring and autumn, and BBQ in summer. The park has a gymnasium as well and occasionally holds a flea market (Tennis courts are available on the Kashiwa Campus, UTokyo).

Between the Kashiwa Campus and Kashiwanoha-campus Station, you can enjoy walking in a natural park, Kombukuroike Park, in a refreshing atmosphere with deep woods and ponds.

On the west side, we have a large supermarket, drugstore, 100-yen shop, and DIY store near the Kashiwa Campus. You can buy groceries and daily necessities before/after getting to the campus or during a research break.

Photos on the Kashiwa Campus