Message from the Head

Create a new research frontier.
This is the meaning of the Japanese motto for this department. You will accomplish this not through approaching an existing branch of a research field, but by making your research unique. You will create new frontiers of your own research field, which others will join and follow. In this way, your small field will grow. Come and create new research with us.
Integrated Bioscience, the English name of this department, represents our approach to creating this new frontier. We innovate not just by using familiar research methods and skills, but by incorporating various new methodologies and ways of thinking. This department was established about 20 years ago at the Kashiwa New Campus with faculty members from several graduate schools from the traditional Hongo Campus spanning various scientific disciplines (agricultural, pharmaceutical, engineering, zoological, botanical, anthropological sciences), as well as various majors and courses in these schools. In our department, there are laboratories with far-reaching interests such as food, health, bioresources, diversity and evolution. We pursue the principle of life by integrating various disciplines and “Innovative and Transdisciplinary Research".
If Hongo Campus is characterized as tradition, and Komaba Campus as education, Kashiwa Campus is "creation".
As a student in this department, you will increase your motivation to take on challenges while experiencing hands-on research activities. You will train yourself to think logically based on evidence, make yourself understood, and face questions, and also make internationalization part of your daily life. I would like you to acquire a "researcher mindset" through this training. This department aims not only to nurture scientists, but also to send competent people, who have acquired a “researcher mindset”, to societies at large.
Shoji Kawamura
Head, Department of Integrated Biosciences