About Us

Department of Integrated Biosciences was established in April 1998 as a member of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo. It aims to tackle emerging urgent problems in life sciences, and to creat the next generation of life sciences including health, biological diversity, bioresources, food security and so on. To accomplish these goals, professors of various academic backgrounds have been gathered together to our department, and have established research and studying environment that catches up with the rapidly advancing life sciences.

The research policy of our faculty is “Innovative and Transdisciplinary Research", which covers molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels, and researches from the most basic/pure to the most advanced/applied areas.

The Core Laboratories are located in the Bioscience Building on the Kashiwa campus, which is one of the three campuses of the Tripolar Structure Concept of the University of Tokyo. The Inter-institutional Cooperative Laboratories are at National Cancer Center, which is located next to the Kashiwa Campus, and National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in Tsukuba City. The Intra-university Cooperative Laboratories are located in University Museum on the Hongo Campus and Atomosphere and Ocean Research Institute on the Kashiwa Campus.