Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

Car Registration

1) To commute by car, you need to obtain a parking permit. Ask a faculty member from the laboratory about the procedures. Your parking permit is to be placed by the front glass of your car so it is visible.

2) Since the campus is still going through maintenance, the roads inside the campus may be changed according to ongoing constructions, etc. Please be aware of future notices. Also, in case you drive on the east side of the campus for some reason, please be careful especially when driving in between Kashiwa Research Complex (Institute for Solid State Physics and Institute for Cosmic Ray Research) and the lower building, as sometimes people might jump onto the road. Take maximum precautions and be aware that causing an accident would also greatly affect your own career.

3) The speed limit inside the campus is 30km/h. Also make sure to always obey the road signs inside the campus. Speeding is dangerous as there are quite a lot of bumps.

4) Do not park your car in a place other than the specified car park.