Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

Mid-Term Presentation of Master Thesis

Guide to Mid-Term Presentation of Master Thesis

1. As part of the Research Project Planning, a mid-term presentation is held in the 2nd year of master course. It is basically conducted 1 year after enrollment, April-May for those who enrolled in April and October-November for those who enrolled in October.

2. The presentation is conducted in the form of poster presentation.

3. In April-May, poster presentations for faculty members and for other students are held. Those enrolling in October will join the April-May poster session for students a year and a half after enrollment.

4. The main purpose is to evaluate the research objective and understanding of the research method. Extra points will be given for obtaining a large number of research results and high level of research significance, however, these two will not necessarily become the factors of points reduction when the efforts made are evident. Other than that, attitude of presentation, quality of the poster, and briefness of the explanations are added to the evaluation as well.

5. Since there is a large number of students who enrolled in April, evaluations are conducted by separating all students into 4 groups so that each group consists of 3 to 4 laboratories. Faculty members from the laboratories of each group will be assigned as referees. For those who enrolled in October, other faculty members are also added to make the number of referees per student the same as that of April students.

6. Given time of presentation is set to 15 minutes per student: 5 minutes for the presentation, 9 minutes for Q&A, and 1 minute for switching.

7. When the evaluation score is particularly low, med-term presentation will be held in approximately 3 months (re-examination).

8. If the presenter is absent on the day, the reason for absence must be reported by the student's supervisor to the other faculty members from the department, and the mid-term presentation will be held promptly on another date if the absence is approved as unavoidable. Otherwise, a re-examination will be required.

9. When the evaluation score of the re-examination is particularly low, attendance will be required for the next presentation as well (re-reexamination). If the evaluation score is still low then, attendance will be required for the next presentation again. Unless you pass the interim presentation, you will not be eligible for the mid-term thesis presentation.