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GSFS Sports Festival

[Sports festival 2011 in Kashiwanoha]

At 1:00pm on September 30, 2011, the second grand sports festival kicked off with 18 teams of 149 students and faculty members from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences who gathered at Kashiwanoha Park Athletics Field to shake off the tough year of earthquakes and saving electricity. Although it was canceled last year, this year turned out to be a great sports festival thanks to the efforts by our Sports Festival Committee, with international students participating as well as having English announcements, etc. Starting with a greeting speech by the Vice Dean of Graduate School Prof. Mino, the committee members sang (screamed?) which made everyone relax, then followed by warm-up exercises, we enjoyed 5 carefully planned events (steeplechase, 600-meter relay, Hana-no-butai, couple race, medium jump rope) to compete on our techniques, strength and teamwork. In the relay, a surprise appearance was made by a team of committee members dressed in costumes, adding a little excitement to the festival. Two teams tied to win the festival, which were Ueda Gadget Laboratory and team NAKAI. We hope that this becomes a symbolic event of autumn, together with the BBQ party of spring.

About the Grand Sports Festival of GSFS

How to participate: Check for an announcement via e-mail from the mailing list (frontier-all) around summer.

Date: The 3rd festival is scheduled for September 14, 2012.

Contact: From 2012, the festival will be hosted by the student team of Souiki-kai (

Description: To compete on techniques, strength and teamwork in teams through events organized by students.

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