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【Co-op situation at Kashiwa Campus

On Kashiwa Campus, there is the University of Tokyo Co-op Kashiwa branch, separated into "Food shop & Café" and "Academic shop".

For more details, refer to the University of Tokyo Co-op Kashiwa branch webpage.

Food shop & Cafe

It is located right in front of the Institute for Solid State Physics. You can buy food such as rice balls (onigiri), lunch boxes, snacks/sweets, drinks, cup noodles, etc. "Balanced lunch box" is also sold for 500 yen, though quantities are limited (*1).

There is also a café where you can take a tea time break. Of course, takeaway is also available and many people buy cold drinks especially during the hot season.

Academic shop

It is located right in front of the Transdisciplinary Science Building. Books, computer supplies and stationery are available here. Some items are occasionally on sale. This shop is small compared to the one on Hongo Campus, but please feel free to ask about items that you would like to order. As for books, you can register for University Co-op Internet Service first and order on the Internet, then receive the book here (*2).

*1 Other lunch boxes are similar to the ones from convenience stores with mainly meat, but the "Balanced" lunch boxes have more variety including vegetables.
*2 Of course, you will get a 10% discount for the book if you show your members card.