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There are 3 restaurants on Kashiwa Campus: "Cafeteria" near the Institute for Solid State Physics, "Plaza Ikoi" near the Bioscience Building, and "Osakanakurabu HAMA" on the 1st floor of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute.

Catering service of lunch boxes is popular as well.

Cafeteria   04-7136-1021

Cafeteria is located right in front of the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP). For both lunch and dinner, they have 5-6 a la carte dishes and you can order a small bowl dish or salad by itself for 100 yen.

Menu includes Japanese, Western and Chinese. For the meals, you need to buy a prepaid card.                    

Mon-Fri, Sat (11:30-13:30)
*Closed on the last Saturday of every month.

11:30-14:00    Lunch time       
14:00-17:00    Tea time (snacks are available)      
17:00-20:00   Dinner time

It can be used for parties (from 3,000 yen).

Boxed lunch delivery and catering are also available.

Plaza Ikoi       04-7136-1026

At "Plaza Ikoi" on the north side of the library, the Gram Deli offers a variety of food with different menu every day. For 1.2 yen per gram (1 yen on Fridays), you can enjoy a wide selection of food. They also have drink bar, bakery and soft serves for takeaway. During lunch time and dinner time, you can order today's lunch or dishes including udon noodles, ramen noodles and pork cutlet bowls. Meals can be paid by cash or Suica/PASMO.

Mon-Fri, Sat (11:30-14:00) 
Sun: closed                
11:30-14:00  Lunch time         
11:30-20:00  Gram Deli         
17:00-20:00  Dinner time

It can be used for parties (budget is negotiable), and catering is available.

Osakanakurabu HAMA        04-7136-2591

Located on the 1st floor of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, "Osakanakurabu HAMA" is a sushi restaurant that opened in July, 2010. The popular "one coin lunch" is served with fresh ingredients of the day.

You can also order a selection of sushi, today's set, HAMA specials, sashimi set or ladies set. Lunch reservations can be made and appetizers and sushi can be delivered to conferences/meetings.

Mon-Fri (11:30-21:00)
Sat (11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00)
Sun: closed

It can be used for parties (budget is negotiable). Catering is available.