Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

Kashiwa Campus Life

Q: Is there a student dormitory?   

A: There are a few dorms. However, they are not very popular because each dorm is far away from Kashiwa Campus. For more details, please see the webpage about the students dorms at  the University of Tokyo. Currently, about half of the students board around Kashiwa Campus. 

Q: Can I commute by car?

A: Yes, as we have sufficient parking space at Kashiwa Campus.

Q: Is it possible to commute by public transport?

A: As the Tsukuba Express opened in August of 2005, quite a number of students commute from Tokyo. There are free shuttle buses from Kashiwanoha Campus Station which is the nearest station. 

Q: Are there scholarships? If so, what kinds of scholarships are available?    

A: Yes. You can apply to scholarships from various institutions and foundations. For details about the scholarship or tuition waiver, please contact our office or faculty members as soon as you can after being accepted.