Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

Unique Education System

Education Research Committee

Educational Research Committee is a system dedicated to the Department of Integrated Biosciences. It is an organization who seeks to solve problems together with the students when they have issues that they find difficult to discuss with their supervisors during education or research sessions.
Four faculty members per year are assigned to the committee, and the same members will be responsible for students of their year until completing graduate school.
In other words, the committee acts as the year advisor.
Apart from handling requests from the students, interviews are conducted on a regular basis as well.

Awards Program

At the Department of Integrated Biosciences, students with high grades are honored and presented with special awards from the department, to wish them further success.

In the "Pre-school" which is conducted right after starting the master course, students who submit an excellent report are awarded the Pre-School Report Prize. In master course, the Excellent Master Thesis Award is awarded to students with high grades, and the IB Award of the Year ("IB" for Integrated Biosciences) is awarded to students who achieved outstanding results. In doctor course, students are awarded the Excellent Doctor Thesis Award for an excellent doctor thesis, and the Student of the Year for the best doctor thesis.

Unique Education System