Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

Education Philosophy of this Department

Our faculty members cultivate the three principles of the department, namely “logical thinking skills”, “communication skills”, and “motivation to challenge” through creative lectures and seminars. In addition, since October 2013, all lectures for foreigners are delivered in English. Students from overseas can earn MS or PhD Degree using only English.

The students who graduated our department have succeeded in the academic society, business community, etc as adventurous, highly adaptive resources who can exploit new fields, with the intellectual qualities that they refined while studying in this department. Careers of these students range from universities and related research organizations/institutions, to jobs in bioscience-related industry (medical, pharmaceutical, food, zymolysis, biological production, industrial chemistry and etc).
Faculty members and students with a frontier spirit gather at the Department of Integrated Biosciences, where you can find the forefront of life sciences as an intellectual challenge of humankind. We are looking for like-minded people with the desire to open up new doors in what they call the “Bio-century”, the 21st century.