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  • Last Modified: Jul 30, 2021.

    University Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19):

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    Master's Degree Program in English:

    We offer the Master's program in English, where no Japanese proficiency is required at the time of admission, a master's program unique among those offered by the University of Tokyo, breaking down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan.

    The Department of Integrated Biosciences invites applications for the position of Professor.

    ※Please refer to the application guidelines for details.  Click here for application guidelines (PDF file).

    The date of Entrance Ezamination (Schedule B)  will be 31th, January, 2022 and 1st, February, 2022.  Details of entrance examination of Schedule B will be informed to the applicants before 21th, January, 2022. See more.

    Admission guide  and forms for Entrance Ezamination (Schedule B)  have been released on 20th, October. See more.

    Application guidelines and forms are distributed at India Office, the University of Tokyo also (E-mail:indiaoffice{at}


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