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  • Last Modified: Jun 20, 2019.

    Master's Degree Program in English:

    We offer the Master's program in English, where no Japanese proficiency is required at the time of admission, a master's program unique among those offered by the University of Tokyo, breaking down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan. (for details, see here)

    Information on Sep 2019 or Apr 2020 Enrollment (for details, see here)
    Entrance exam (Schedule A) is approaching! August 6 (Tue) - August 9 (Fri), 2019.
    If you have any questions about application procedures please contact here

    [Master/Doctoral course] Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education (Schedule A)
    If you use your TOEFL score report as an English exam, please submit it not later than July 12, 2019. (For details, see information from GSFS

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