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  • Last Modified: Jul 30, 2021.

    University Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19):

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    Master's Degree Program in English:

    We offer the Master's program in English, where no Japanese proficiency is required at the time of admission, a master's program unique among those offered by the University of Tokyo, breaking down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan.

    Information on Sep 2021 or Apr 2022 Enrollment

    ※The novel coronavirus infection is expanding and if the situation deteriorates, the entrance examination this year couold be changed from the way written in the Guideline for Applicants. Please check this space frequently.

    We have notified the examinees of the entrance examination details by email.
    Please contact here if you have any problems.

    Guidebook of Department of Integrated Biosciences has been released. (Download)

    Application guidelines and forms are distributed at India Office, the University of Tokyo also (E-mail:indiaoffice{at}


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Latest Papers

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Ecology and Evolution, 11 (10): 5742-575…
30 March 2021
Primate life history, social dynamics, e…
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Biotropica, 52 (6): 1041–1064.
30 October 2020
Atg15 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae consis…
Hirata, E., Shirai, K., Kawaoka, T., Sat…
Mol Biol Cell. 32(8):645-663.
15 April 2021
The genomics of ecological flexibility, …
Orkin, J. D., Montague, M. J., Tejada-Ma…
PNAS, 118 (7): e2010632118.
16 February 2021