Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

General Guide to Entrance Examinations

For detailed information on entrance exam, the following booklets are necessary.

Entrance Examination Guide of Department of Integrated Biosciences (Download 2019 PDF version)

Guidelines for Applicants to Master Course of GSFS (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences) (Download 2019 PDF version)

Guidelines for Applicants to Doctor Course of GSFS (Download 2019 PDF version)


Note that you need to send the official documents inside the booklets, not inside the pdf versions, by postal mail. For official documents, please send a request to the Student Affairs Section, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

How to obtain past tests (link to GSFS website)

Introduction of the Department

Curriculum Orientation

Guide to Entrance Examination

Introduction of Laboratories

Core Laboratories

Laboratory of Molecular Medicine

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto

Associate Prof. Naoki Matsumoto

Laboratory of Molecular Recognition

Prof. Hiroshi Kataoka

Associate Prof. Shinji Nagata

Laboratory for Biochemistry of Cell Resposivenesse

Associate Prof. Tatsuhiro Hisatsune

Laboratory of Signal Transduction

Prof. Yoshikazu Ohya/Associate Prof. Kuninori Suzuki

Laboratory of Innovational Biology

Prof. Haruhiko Fujiwara

Associate Prof. Tetsuya Kojima

Laboratory of Genome Stability

Prof. Hiroshi Mitani

Associate Prof. Shoji Oda

Laboratory of Evolutionary Anthropology

Prof. Shoji Kawamura

Laboratory of Bioresource Regulation

Prof. Fugaku Aoki

Associate Prof. Masataka Suzuki

Laboratory of Bioresource Technology

Prof. Masashi Ugaki/Associate Prof. Masashi Suzuki

Institutional Cooperative Laboratories

Laboratory of Cancer Biology

Prof. Yasuhiro Matsumura

Prof. Katsuya Tsuchihara

Prof. Genichiro Ishii

Prof. Masahiro Yasunaga

Laboratory of Applied Bioresources

Prof. Hideki Sezutsu

Associate Prof. Ken Naito

Associate Prof. Takahiro Kikawada