Department of Integrated Biosciences - Graduate School of Frontier Science, The university of Tokyo

TOEFL Score Report Submission

Minimal TOEFL Score Requirement

In the Department of Integrated Biosciences, the lectures and academic instructions are given in either Japanese or English languages. Thus, for non-Japanese speaking candidates, proficiency in English is a prerequisite. Those who apply under Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education are required to submit a TOEFL-iBT score not lower than 75 or a TOEFL-PBT score not lower than 537 for the Master Course, and a TOEFL-iBT score not lower than 80 or a TOEFL-PBT score not lower than 550 for the Doctoral Course. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to take remaining exams.

TOEFL Score Report Submission

There are three types of TOEFL tests, [1]TOEFL-PBT, [2]TOEFL-iBT, and [3]TOEFL-ITP (including non-GSFS administered and previously GSFS administered). The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS), however, accepts only [1]TOEFL-PBT and [2]TOEFL-iBT test results.
For TOEFL score reports, please submit both of the following two items to GSFS:
(i) Copy of Examinee’s Score Record sent to the examinee from the Educational Testing Service
(ii) Official Score Report directly mailed from ETS to GSFS
With regards to (i) Copy of Examinee’s Score Record, the copy must be submitted to GSFS on or before GSFS’s submission deadline in order to be valid.
With regards to submitting the (ii) Official Score Report, the applicant must request ETS to send an Official Score Report to the Designated Institution Code “8001”; the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo, and the Department Code “99” to arrive on or before the submission deadline of GSFS. If you plan to take the TOEFL in the near future, please make this request when applying for or taking the TOEFL test.
Please note that the Official Score Report from ETS to GSFS will be sent by overseas mail and may take a considerable number of days from the date of the applicant’s request until GSFS receives it. We recommend that you make the request to ETS at least six (6) weeks before the submission deadline. If you have taken the TOEFL several times and ETS sends multiple Official Score Reports, then the score report that corresponds with the applicant score report copy submitted by the applicant should be the one requested.
If you take the TOEFL-iBT test, and the computer screen of the examination room does not show the DI Code of GSFS 8001, ask the proctor after completing the test for the specific form to request the mailing of the Official Score Report to GSFS. Note: Do not have this score report sent to The University of Tokyo with DI Code “9259”.

Deadline for submitting TOEFL score reports to GSFS:
Schedule A; On or before July 13 (Fri), 2018
Schedule B; On or before January 22 (Tue), 2019